Speech Pathology Service for Children                                       


Lift off! Speech Language and Learning provides a flexible and accessible speech pathology service that assists children of all ages in developing their communication and academic skills.  


Our Early Intervention services promote and support a child's communication development during the critical early years. This includes learning to communicate using sounds and words, and combining this with language to add meaning.


Our literacy, learning and academic School Aged Services go above and beyond what a basic tutoring program would, in that we recognise no child's method of learning is the same. Specific assessment will identify your child’s particular areas of difficulty. The speech pathologist will be able to explain why this is the case and how to address these difficulties.


See our Resources page for more information on speech, language and literacy.




FaHCSIA approved Service Provider


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The Babbling Speech Path

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Areas of Specialty


Speech Therapy

Articulation therapy and verbal expression to use words and speech to communicate


Language Therapy

For receptive and/or expressive language difficulties


Literacy & Learning Therapy

To support ongoing academic learning


Autism Spectrum Disorder


The Babbling Speech Path

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